Price list


Education and interpretation

Educational programmes

Educational programmes / expert guidance for kindergarten and school children 20,00
Educational programmes for children with a tour of the Zrinski mine 33,00
Educational programmes for children with a tour of the Veternica cave 35,00

Expert presentations

Expert presentations in the Institution 200,00
Expert presentations outside the Institution 300,00

Expert guidance

Expert guidance through the Park (one guide for a group of 30 people) 300,00 + 10,00/person

 “Young Ranger” Programme

Participation in the programme 40,00
Organized groups/per person (on the basis of 20 people) 35,00

 “Adopt a Bat” Programme

For individuals 150,00
For groups (kindergarten and school-ages) 200,00
For companies and associations 5.000,00

Tickets for Veternica Cave

Children (4 to 18 years old) 20,00
Students and retired (with presentation of the valid document) 25,00
Adults 40,00
Family ticket (two adults and up to three children) 100,00
Individual ticket during manifestations 20,00

Tickets for Zrinski mine

Children (4 to 18 years old) 20,00
Students and retired (with presentation of the valid document) 23,00
Adults 25,00
Family ticket (two adults and up to three children)

Individual ticket during manifestations



Tickets for Medvedgrad*

Visits to Medvedgrad are not possible until the end of renovation


Tourist map of the Nature Park Medvednica 20,00
“Decode Medvednica” Guide 150,00


Wooden keyring 12,00
Men’s long sleeve T-shirt 60,00
Children’s T-shirt 40,00
Men´s and Women´s T-shirt 50,00
Men´s and Women´s T shirt – Park motif 50,00
Children’s T-shirt – Park motif 40,00
Children’s T-shirt – junior ranger

Wooden earrings



Metal earrings 20,00
Maš bracelet 30,00
Wooden bookmark 12,00
Silver bookmark 150,00
Wooden magnet 15,00
Metal keyring 30,00
Glass coaster 15,00
Necklace – bat motif 12,00
Ceramic magnet 20,00
Medvedgrad Mug 40,00
Aroma Medvedgrad lamp – small 35,00
Old iron replica 30,00
Men´s and Women´s T shirt  – Medvedgrad motif

Children’s raincoat – bat motif



Commercial shoots

Commercial shoot – daily 4.000,00
Commercial photoshoot 2.000,00
Shooting from air 15.000,00
Newlyweds photoshoot (payment to photo-studio)  500,00

Photo shooting, making music videos, motion pictures or documentaries, TV series, advertising products or any services.

Occasional sales and equipment renting

Bench sale – hospitality – daily 250,00
Bench sale – commerce – daily 100,00
Bench sale – annual 2.000,00

Usage of facilities and surfaces

Partial renting of Medvedgrad** – daily 15.000,00
Usage of open spaces in the Park – daily 2.000,00
Advertising and presentation* – daily 2.500,00

Sporting events

Sports competitions – of club or social (running, cycling, roller skating, marathon, etc.) 1.000,00
Sports competitions – county or national associations( running,cycling,roller skating,marathon,etc.) 2.500,00
Sports competitions – international associations (running,cycling,roller,scating,maraton,etc.) 3.500,00
Motor vehicle races – of club or friendly character 5.000,00
Motor vehicle races – county, national associations

Motor vehicle races – European Championship



Motor vehicle races – World Championship 100.000,00

Organization of sports competitions within the Nature Park Medvednica area.