The Nature Park Medvednica is managed by a Public Institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Croatia. The founder of the Institution is the Republic of Croatia, and the rights and duties of the founder of the Institution are carried out by the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

The Institution’s activities include protection, maintenance and promotion of the Nature Park Medvednica with the purpose of protecting and preserving the originality of nature, ensuring an undisturbed conduction of natural processes and sustainable usage of natural goods, supervising the conditions and measures of nature protection in the managed area and participating in the collection of data for the purpose of monitoring the state of nature preservation.

The Institution bodies are the Governing Council and the Director.

The Institution is managed by the Governing Council, while the Director organizes, leads and represents the Institution.

Members of the Governing Council:

  • Zrinka Domazetović, president
  • Diana Prpić, member
  • Dubravka Pajkin Tučkar, MSc., member
  • Vladimir Lušo, member
  • Ivan Štefek, member

The Institution is divided into five departments managed by the Director.

Director’s office

Marina Popijač, PHd.

Nature Protection, Maintenance, Preservation and Park Promotion Department

Headed by the Conservation Manager, this department deals with expert activities which refer to protection, maintenance, preservation and utilization, on the basis of annual and long-term plans and programmes. Conservation Manager is appointed by the Administrative Council at Director’s proposal.

Conservation Manager
Tajana Ban Ćurić, MSc. (Geology)

Expert Advisor – Biologist / Ecologist
MSc. (Biology)

Senior Expert Advisor – Geographer
Sunčana Završki Dominković, MSc. (Geography)

Project Managment Department

Expert Associate –  “CEETO: Central Europe Eco-Tourism: tools for nature protection”

Marija Kulić, MSc. (Geography)

Expert Advisor – asistent for project activties – preparing and implementing EU projects

Gordana Modrušan, MSc. (English and Russian Studies)

Park Ranger Department

Ranger Department is responsible for direct protection, preservation and promotion of the Nature Park. It also supervises the application of the Nature Protection Act provisions and Ordinance on Internal Order in Nature Park Medvednica.

Head of Department – Head Ranger
Martina Jurjević Varga, MSc. (Forestry)

Mladen Budinšćak, MSc. (Kinesiology)

Goran Škrlec, MSc. (Forestry)

Marijan Ocvirek, MSc. (Forestry)

Ivan Štefek

Dubravka Boroša

Department for Promotional, Sales and Tourist Activities

This Department deals with activities related to education, interpretation, information – media, tourism and organization of events in the Park.

Head of Department
Andrea Kostelić, MSc. (Geography)

Expert Advisor – Head of Education
Denis Kovačić, MSc. (Geography)

Department for Legal, Economic, General and Common Affairs

This Department deals with administrative, staffing, legal, financial and accounting affairs.

Head of Service 
Antonia Pezo, MSc. (Economics)

Head of Accounting Affairs Sector 

Expert Associate for finance and accounting affairs on EU project; “Improving visitor capacity for sustainable management of Nature Park Medvednica” (KK.

In progress

Technical and maintenance Subsection

This subsection deals with expert and technical affairs related to the maintenance of facilities and equipment, vehicles, fire protection, safety at work, as well as other technical activities.

Head of Subsection
Suzana Kavčić, MSc. (Geology)

Zlatko Car