Report on progress

Nature Park Medvednica is located in proximity of city of Zagreb. Besides abundant biodiversity of flora and fauna and cultural heritage sites, Park is favourite among citizens of Zagreb for its recreational and health benefits. Park has many hiking and cycling paths and is ideal for skiing in winter season.

Since yearly number of visitors exceeds one million, Park also faces many problems, strong visitor presence being one of them which we will try to improve by managing traffic flow.

Within CEETO project Nature Park Medvednica is one of the 8 Pilot areas. To be more precise we have chosen Ski resort Sljeme as Pilot area and our main focus is to determine the impact of the skiing as tourist activity on nature and to try to resolve the existing problem of traffic. Throughout skiing season there are problems with traffic jams especially during weekends.

After gathering relevant stakeholders and discussing traffic problem we decided to try to improve the situation by installing car counters and cameras, conducting surveys and involving all the stakeholders relevant to the traffic management.

At this point activities are very intense since skiing season is in its peak. We have purchased and installed car counters and cameras and we are conducting surveys in the field. Visitors are very forthcoming and we are looking forward to analyse the results.