What is volunteering?

According to the Law on Volunteering (Official Gazette 58/07), volunteering is an altruistic investment of a person’s own time, effort, knowledge and skills for the purpose of providing a service or an activity to the benefit of another person or the general welfare, without the existence of conditions for a pecuniary award or claim for any other material benefit for the provided volunteering.

  • organized volunteering is when a volunteering organizer acts between the users of volunteering and the volunteers
  • a volunteer is a physical person volunteering in the Republic of Croatia or abroad, in accordance with current national and international regulations
  • a minor volunteer is a physical person between the ages of 15 and 18, which, by concluding a contract with the organizer of volunteering, and with a written consent of a legal representative, agreed to volunteer – Law on Volunteering, article 12.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is important for a number of reasons from which the community and the volunteer both have certain benefits. Volunteering connects the people to work on a common goal, it helps those who receive volunteering aid and the volunteers themselves, who give their time and knowledge, receiving experience which cannot be paid with money.

Knowing you have helped in the achievement of a certain goal provides a special sense of value, develops self-esteem and enables personal growth.

How to volunteer in the Medvednica Nature Park?

In the Medvednica Nature Park throughout the whole year we conduct numerous volunteering activities. Most often they refer to cleaning activities, renewal of some of the educational paths etc.

Here we singled out the biggest activities of 2014. Follow our news page section to find out more about future activities.

“Green Cleansing” in the Medvednica Nature Park

On Saturday, 26 April 2014, the “Green Cleansing” action – an action of cleaning wild landfills in the whole of Croatia in only one day, was held. This year, for the third time in a row, the Public Institution Nature Park Medvednica joined the “Green Cleansing” action. Two locations in the Park area were cleaned: Bizek Quarry and Gornji Lukšići. The action was supported by citizen volunteers, members of the Croatian Army and volunteer associations, employees of our Nature Park etc. We particularly thank the volunteering associations of INA and VIPnet.

The Croatian president Ivo Josipović joined the cleaning of the Bizek Quarry and thusly supported this action whose objective was to raise awareness among citizens of the problem of creation and disposal of waste, and to point out the importance of waste sorting and preservation of the environment, nature and planet Earth.

“All in the Green”

The ecologically-educational project “All in the Green” was held between 21 March and 20 June with the purpose of raising awareness among citizens of proper waste management and the importance of environmental protection.
The first big environment cleaning activity within this project was held on 12 April 2014 at the top of Medvednica. It was organized by Radio Sljeme and association “Zelene stope”. After extracting a car wreck from the Sljeme forest in the company of his associates, the president of the association “Zelene stope” Romeo Ibrišević and many other participants, the Mayor of Zagreb said that the extracted Fico (the Zastava 750 model) will be exhibited at the Floraart exposition in late May, in order to once again, emphasise the importance of waste management and nature protection.

Within the same project, another cleaning action was held on 21 June 2014 on the southwest side of Medvednica. The cleaned areas were: “the Green Road”, Ponikve Meadow and access road to the mountain hut Glavica and Veternica Cave.

“24 sata – Big Environmental Action”

The Big Environmental Action of cleaning the top part of Medvednica was held on Saturday, 25 October 2014, in cooperation with the daily newspaper “24 sata”. During the course of this action small waste, food packaging, tissues, diapers, car tyres, car parts, discarded furniture, construction waste etc. were found in the Medvednica Nature Park. After the action, the participants had refreshments on the Kulmerova Meadow and went searching for silver in the Zrinski Mine.

“INA Volunteers Club Action”

On Wednesday, 19 November 2014, the members of the INA Volunteers Club, in cooperation with the Medvednica Nature Park, organized a volunteering action of renewal and arrangement of the educational forest path Bliznec.
The employees of INA, members of the INA Volunteers Club, today participated in the renewal and arrangement of the forest path Bliznec, which follows the course of a stream of the same name. The path and the surroundings were cleaned and the educational boards were renewed and arranged to enable recreation in a more pleasant environment to all nature lovers.