Chapel of Our Lady of Sljeme, Queen of Croats or Sljeme Chapel

At the altitude of 1001 m, hidden in the tree shadows, lies a charming stone chapel named the Chapel of Our Lady of Sljeme, Queen of Croats. “Wearing a vest” of indigenous Medvednica stone and wood, this chapel completely blends with the surrounding nature.

The chapel was built in 1932 in accordance with the design of an architect Juraj Denzler, in the honour of the 1000th anniversary of the Kingdom of Croatia and 1300th anniversary of the christening of Croats. From the outside it resembles the early medieval churches of Dalmatia, while inside it is decorated with the works of famous Croatian artists such as Radauš, Turkalj, Hudoklin and Stupica, inspired by Croatian motifs.

The materials were also carefully selected: the arch is made of Slavonian oak, the altar of white Brač stone and the bowl of clay from Petrova gora. Even the silk chasuble is inspired by folk motifs from the Croatian history.

Even though there are no permanent parishioners, in 1963 this chapel became the parish church of the unusual Tourist Parish of Our Lady of Sljeme, Queen of Croats, thusly becoming the highest parish church in Croatia.