This programme is intended for somewhat older children who are still curious and playful, but old enough to understand the importance of nature protection and to be the spokespeople of nature protection in their communities. In the dense greenery, right there on the spot, they will learn to recognize the main types of trees on Medvednica: beech and oak, as well spruce and silver fir. They will be proud when they manage to impress their friends and parents with learned “tricks” how to tell the difference between spruce and silver fir! Climbing up the mountain, they will learn how different types of trees live on different altitudes. In the nature they will see how dark, light, deciduous and evergreen forests look like. Along the way they will find out how all forest inhabitants are interconnected (food chain, circulation of substances in nature) and how easy it is to disturb the balance between them. Finally, they will learn many ways how they can help in the preservation and improvement of nature and its protection.