Medvednica is one of the mountains in northwest Croatia with an appearance which reminds of an island: it is surrounded by fruitful valleys and small knolls.
The northern side of the mountain steeply descends towards Zagorje, while its south hillsides mildly descend towards the Sava Valley, merging with Zagreb, which is pleasantly situated between the green Medvednica and the whirring Sava. Even though the inhabitants of the nearby villages and Zagreb settlements located under Sljeme have always lived by the mountain and exploited its natural resources, only in the second half of the 19th century they started to value the importance of its preserved nature and fight for its protection.

The final victory in more than 100 years of this battle was achieved by mountain rangers in 1981 when Medvednica was declared a nature park. In 1998 the park got its public institution which manages the protected area in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, keenly preserving and emphasising all values of this forest beauty – Medvednica.